The river of forever

Game Controls:Use the mouse to click on different colors in the game, and the display will change according to the position clicked. There are three different endings that can be obtained through clicking. 

Note: Only specific positions will bring changes, which is part of the puzzle.

The first page pays homage to Ghislain Magritte's painting of two masked men kissing. The theme this time I actually wanted to express two kinds of time, one is the brief seconds when the candle goes out, the time that stands still, the time that unfolds by time. 

The second is the expanding boundaries of space along the river of tongues, that is, the time that unfolds in space. And the changes in space correspond to nothing more than brief moments in time, and I wanted to express such a curious relationship.

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第一页致敬了 Ghislain Magritte那张两个蒙面人接吻的画。这次的主题我其实想表达的是两种时间,一个是蜡烛熄灭的短暂的数秒,静止的时间,由时间而展现的时间。第二个是沿着舌头之河不断扩展的空间边界,也就是在空间中展现出的时间。而空间中的变化不过对应了时间中的短暂瞬息,我想表达这样奇特的关系。