The Gift for all kids

This is the last in a series of surreal  short stories and I won't be making a new clicker game for a while as I'm working on a new game on a much larger scale. Thanks to flick game for being there and teaching me how to express my emotions using the medium of games. As for the content of this one, it was named so to say goodbye to the flick game, with no deeper meaning. 

However, the syringe used to give the shots in the mountains is a reference to the current Covid19 vaccination scenario. In the grip of this virus, people have faced many goodbyes, many happy times have become memories that one can never return to. Thinking about it this way, this work is probably a farewell to a phase of my creativity and to the good times that will not come back.

 It would be nice if you could experience a little subtle emotion in this game.

Updated 6 days ago
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