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My first indie short comic work, 'I Can't Feel Sick,' is based on my personal experience. The story stems from the strict upbringing I received, where my mother forbade me from using the word 'sick' in everyday life because she believed it was an uncivilized and negative word. This made me contemplate how language taboos can suppress our human nature, which led to the creation of this short comic. 

In this work, I experimented with various methods and techniques, giving it a unique experimental style. It possesses a free, relaxed, and honest style, and I believe you will enjoy it!



Q: Why did you create this work in English instead of your native language, Chinese?

A: There are two reasons. First, I feel that the rhythm of English is very suitable for expressing this story. Second, when my family forbade me from using the word "恶心"("sick" in chinese)  I did use the english word "sick" to secretly express my dissatisfaction:)

Q: Will there be a Chinese version in the future?

A: I am currently busy and don't have time to prepare a Chinese version or other language versions. However, I will continue this theme and create new comics, and when the time comes, I plan to release a more complete and content-rich physical version.

Q: Would you consider making comics as your main creative direction?

A: Not really. To be honest, this is my first time trying to draw comics, and when I was creating this short comic, I wasn't even sure if I could complete it. Of course, I did successfully complete it, and I feel like it's a miracle. Rather than becoming a professional in any field, I value the process of adventure. I can only say that I may continue to adventure with comics in the future!










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